Model S-122

Checklist for Operation of Pressurized Liquid Filters

Filtration Systems filter vessels are designed to filter liquids under pressure, in accordance with the temperature and pressure restrictions stamped on the nameplate.

1) Follow the Instructions in the "Installation, Operating & Safety Manual for Liquid Filter Housings and Filter Bags". Save both the manual and instruction guide for review by all personnel who use this equipment.
2)   Wear protective garments, splash protection, eye protection and respirators, as required.
3)   Securely fasten the lid hardware prior to pressurizing a filter vessel.
4)   "O-Rings" are subject to wear and should be checked each time the filter vessel is opened. Replacement of O-rings must be done prior to pressurization of the filter vessel. Be certain that the O-Ring material is both chemically and thermally compatible with the liquid being filtered. Liquid compatibility includes all materials in contact with the liquid under elevated pressures and temperatures.
5)   When opening a housing, always relieve pressure to the vessel before loosening the lid hardware.
6)   In certain operating environments, static electrical charges or sparks may cause combustion or explosion of volatile materials. Properly ground equipment as required.
7)   Removing filter media from packaging may also produce static electrical sparks. To avoid risk of combustion or explosion, never open static packaging in or around areas containing potentially flammable or explosive materials, liquids or gases.
8)   Dispose of filter media properly. A filter bag or cartridge that has been used with a hazardous liquid may contain residual amounts of that material and should be handled with the same safeguards that would be used in handling hazardous and/or toxic material. Filter media should be disposed of in accordance with federal, state, and/or local laws or requirements.

Improper use of pressurized filter vessels may result in injury or property damage. Any misuse or modification to our products will void both the manufacturer’s warranty as well as the ASME certification of ASME Code vessels. Safety information does not, by itself, eliminate any danger. Information or warnings are not a substitute for proper accident prevention measures.

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