Model S-122-SAFEsystem
 Model S-122-SAFEsystem

SAFEsystem ®
Safety Apparatus Filter Enhancement

You can now reduce employee exposure to potentially hazardous filtering processes with the unique and exclusive SAFEsystem option. This equipment upgrade prevents our filter vessels from being accidentally opened while in service. In addition, the vessel cannot be pressurized until both the filter lid and Safety Shield are closed.

The SAFEsystem is designed to assure user compliance as a safeguard against misuse or improper operation of our filtration equipment. Our patented equipment option is available when ordering any Filtration Systems ASME Code individual, duplex or multi-housing system.

SAFEsystem Features
Protective Safety Shield with Viewing Window and Retractable Locking Pin... protects operators from exposure and allows safe monitoring of pressure & temperature status; retractable locking pin mechanism prevents unintentional lid closure.

Dual-Valve Linkage Mechanism... coordinates with the Safety Shield to prevent the vessel from inadvertently being opened until the inlet and outlet valves are closed, isolating the vessel from the fluid stream.

Low-Profile, Horizontal Outlet... lowers the working height of our equipment for easier filter bag change outs, reducing ergonomic related injuries and accidental spills; an integral part of the SAFEsystem, exclusive to the Filtration Systems product line.

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