Model NS-222-V-PS
 Model NS-222-V-PS

Parallel/Series Filter System

Filtration Systems Model NS-222-V-PS allows conversion from Parallel Filtration to Series Filtration by the use of control valves on an integrated manifold. This versatile system may be used with any combination of #2 size Strainers, Mesh or Micron-Lined Baskets, high-performance liquid filter bags, or high-loading cartridge filters.

Parallel Filtration – Both housings filter simultaneously, doubling the flow rate capacity of a single vessel. Isolation of an individual housing allows each vessel to operate independently for continuous service during media replacement, so that your filtering process never shuts down.

Series Filtration (Staged) – Liquids pass through each housing in sequence. Variations of both particle size and concentration in a solution can be addressed with greater accuracy and efficiency. With Series Filtration, the following benefits are derived:

 ·  Improved Quality Control– Two filters of the same micron rating can be used back-to-back (redundancy) to ensure filtrate quality by improving capture rates.
 ·  Increased Solids Loading – The First Stage pre-filters larger particles; the Second Stage removes smaller particulate for finer filtration or liquid polishing.
 ·  Reduced Cost – Users can select more economical filter media for the First Stage, reserving high-performance products for the Second Stage to promote cost effectiveness.

T-304 Stainless Steel, Model NS-222-V-PS
Carbon Steel, Model NC-222-V-PS
Filter Vessels: Two, size #2 (7”dia. x 32”long)
Maximum Working Pressure: 150psi
Maximum Working Temperature: 300°F
Maximum Water Flow:
220gpm @ 2.2psid (Series Filtration, without filter bag)
440gpm @ 2.2psid (Parallel Filtration, without filter bag)
Maximum Support Basket Differential Operating Pressure: 100psi
Hydrostatically Tested to 250psi
Ball Valves: 2” Full-Port, Three-Piece, T-316 Stainless Steel/Teflon, 800psi, 7 per system
Inlet & Outlet: 2” Flanges, 150lb., R/F ANSI
Dimensions: 36”H x 28”W x 34”L
Shipping Weight: 294 lbs.

Standard Features
Over-The-Top Design
Built to ASME Code standards (ASME Code Optional)
Blasted Finish, interior, exterior, and basket        All Stainless Steel Models
One Coat Shop Primer, exterior             All Carbon Steel Models
Investment Cast Lid and Body
Hinged Lid with Handle, Built-in Lid Stop and Safety Detents
Plated Carbon Steel Hardware, closure bolts & bar knobs
Gauge Ports, upstream & downstream, ¼” NPT
Vent Ports, ¼” NPT
Upstream Drain Ports, ¼"NPT Downstream Drain Ports, 3/4"NPT
Perforated T-316 S/S Support Baskets with Longitudinal Taper
Buna-N O-Rings
Stainless Steel Frame All Stainless Steel Models
Carbon Steel Frame All Carbon Steel Models

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