Model NS-120
 Model NS-120

Model S-110
 Model S-112
Cartridge Filter Housing

Model S-434-V
 Model S-434-V
Valved, Multi-Housing
Cartridge Filter System

Cartridge Housings

Cartridge Filter Housings are available in three sizes to accommodate 10”, 20”, and 30” cartridges for a broad range of liquid applications. Cartridge Housings filter from the top (inlet) to the bottom (outlet) using a Cartridge Chamber- a removable, positive sealing fixture designed to minimize exposure to contaminants by allowing the removal of the spent filter and chamber as a single unit. After the cartridge is fully loaded, any unfiltered debris will accumulate within the Cartridge Chamber, not the housing, eliminating the need to clean the housing during change-out.

Individual Housings hold a single 6-inch diameter high-loading cartridge, four standard cartridge filters in a “Cluster of Four” arrangement, specialty cartridges, or those having double O-ring seals or flat gaskets. Cartridge housings can also be converted for use with filter bags, Mesh or Micron Lined Baskets, or Strainer Baskets without modification to existing process piping or change of liquid flow path.

Valved, Individual Housings allow liquid flow to be shut off at the unit, rather than at a distant source, saving time during media change-out.

Valved Housings & Systems have two Stainless Steel Ball Valves per module, installed on the inlet and outlet of the vessel. Functioning as shut-off valves, they isolate individual housings from the filtering process. Each vessel on a valved, multi-housing system operates independently, allowing continuous service during media removal and replacement. Multiple vessels, operating in parallel, attain maximum filtering capacity.

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