Model S-122
 Filtration Systems Over-The-Top® Design Filter Housings, Model S-122

 Model S-223-V

Model NS-122-LP-V
 Model NS-122-LP-V

Filtration Systems Bag Filter Housings


Filtration Systems Liquid Bag Filter Housings provide the ideal solution for straining and fine filtration. Individual, Valved-Individual, and Duplex models accommodate size #2 (7”dia. x 32” long) or #1 (7”dia. x 16”long) filter bags, cartridges, or strainer baskets.

Valved, Individual Housings allow liquid flow to be shut off at the unit, rather than at a distant source, saving time during media change-out.

Valved Housings & Systems have two Stainless Steel Ball Valves per module, installed on the inlet and outlet of the vessel. Functioning as shut-off valves, they isolate individual housings from the filtering process. Each vessel on a valved, multi-housing system operates independently, allowing continuous service during media removal and replacement. Multiple vessels, operating in parallel, attain maximum filtering capacity.

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