Bag Filter Housings
 Filtration Systems Over-The-Top® Design Filter Housings

Liquid Filter Housings

Filtration Systems Liquid Filter Housings feature Over-The-Top® design. Compression of our Zero-Bypass® bag collar between the housing lid and the top of the support basket provides a positive 360-degree seal, preventing bypass of unfiltered liquid. Solids are trapped and collected in the bag, eliminating clean up of the vessel interior during bag change-out.

Filtration Systems vessels provide the lowest working height for filter technicians, reducing accidental spills and minimizing employee exposure to liquids. Hinged lids seal with four closure bolts and bar knobs to allow quick access without special tools. Convenient handles and built-in lid stops make our vessels easy to use. Vent, gauge, and drain ports promote accurate monitoring and safe use.

All housings are built to ASME specifications and are available in T-304 or T-316 Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel. Alternate inlet and outlet connections may be ordered to allow the vessels to be placed directly in line with existing process piping.

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