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Liquid Filter Bags and Filter Housings

Filtration Systems Liquid Filter Housings feature Over-The-Top® inlet design, which has become the standard for effective industrial liquid filtration. Filtration Systems liquid filter vessels and filter bags are specifically designed to work together as a system. Compression of our Zero-Bypass® bag collar, between the housing lid and the top of the support basket, provides an absolute seal, ensuring filtration integrity by preventing bypass of unfiltered liquid. Solids are trapped and collected in the filter bag, eliminating clean up of the vessel interior during bag change-out.

Ultrafit®  Welded and Accufit® Welded Liquid Filter Bags are manufactured with fully welded ultrasonic construction, eliminating bypass through needle stitching holes, found in sewn products. Unlike our competition, there are no sewn seams anywhere in our filter bags, including the attachment of the Zero-Bypass® Collar. The dirtier filter bags get, the more they resist flow. Since liquid naturally seeks the path of least resistance, without a perfect seal from the filter vessel, the filter bags, or both, bypass compromises filtration performance. 

Using our patented ultrasonic laminating process, Ultrafit® Welded Liquid Filter Bags set new standards for high performance liquid filtration. Graded-density, composite layers of melt-blown polypropylene or nylon microfibers provide optimum efficiency, enhanced solids loading, and product consistency. 

Filtration Systems Liquid Filter Housings provide the lowest working height for filter technicians, reducing accidental spills and minimizing employee exposure to liquids. Hinged lids seal with four closure bolts and bar knobs to allow quick access without special tools. A convenient handle and built-in lid stop make our vessels easy to use. Vent, gauge, and drain ports promote accurate monitoring and safe use.

Valved, Parallel Systems maximize productivity through continuous service so your filtering process never shuts down. Modular design and construction support a variety of filtering configurations and piping alternatives, providing future equipment expansion capabilities for your company. Our liquid filter housings are built to ASME standards, and are available in T-304 or T-316 Stainless Steel, or Carbon Steel. 

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