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For application assistance or a quotation, simply complete this form and e-mail it, or fax a printed copy to (954)572-3401. If you are unsure of certain application information, indicate with a question mark. Use the space at the bottom to provide additional information, make comments, or ask questions. If you'd rather call us, our telephone number is (954)572-2700.

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Filter Housing, material of construction required:
  • 316 S/S
  • 304 S/S
  • Carbon
  • HALAR® Lined
Liquid to be filtered:
Percentage of Solids: per gallon
Viscosity: cps
Specific Gravity: sg
Particle Characteristics (hard, soft, sticky, etc.):
Have you performed a particle analysis on the liquid? Yes No
Particle Characterization Studies provide meaningful data, useful in specifically identifying filtration requirements, prior to selection of equipment and filter media.
Would you be interested in having Filtration Systems perform a Particle Analysis on your liquid to evaluate particle size and distribution? Yes No
Flow Rate: gpm
Operating Pressure: psig
Design Pressure (Maximum): psig
Operating Temperature: °F
Design Temperature (Maximum): °F
Inlet and Outlet Connection Type:
Flanged Threaded Sanitary
Desired Connection Size: in.
Desired O-Ring/Gasket Material:
Media Retention Required:   Micron Size
Absolute or Nominal rating?

Desired Media:
  • Filter Bags
  • Cartridges
  • Strainer/Lined Baskets
If Replacement filter, are you using: bags cartridges strainers
Length: Diameter: How Many?
How often are you changing out your filter medium?
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