Ultrafit® Welded Liquid Filter Bags
 Ultrafit Welded
High Performance Liquid Filter Bags

Ultrafit® Welded 500-IP Integrated Polymeric Support ™
 Ultrafit® Welded
500-IP Integrated Polymeric Support ™

Absolute Rated, Graded-Density, Composite Layer Design

Using our patented ultrasonic laminating process, Ultrafit Welded Liquid Filter Bags set new standards for high performance liquid filtration. Composite layers of 100% FDA compliant, melt-blown polypropylene microfiber provide optimum efficiency and enhanced solids loading. Compression of the unique Zero-Bypass® collar by our vessel lid eliminates solids bypass.

Multiple layers of graded-density, melt-blown polypropylene serve as a primary upstream filter. Separately jacketed, this pre-filter collects larger particles, preventing them from prematurely blinding the media below. As fluid progression continues downstream, redundant layers of absolute-rated microfiber capture finer particles. Layers of non-woven spunbond are used to jacket the filtering membrane, providing structural support and minimizing fiber migration downstream. The result is a superior product at an economical price.

Ultrafit Welded 100
The Ultrafit Welded 100 liquid filter bag is ideally suited for batch or small applications, or as a final filter where the range of particle size is fairly narrow and consistent. Designed to provide highly efficient liquid filtration for applications requiring consistent levels of purity, this product is superior to either felt bags or cartridges. The use of absolute-rated material achieves 97% filtration efficiency in micron ratings from 1 – 200.

Ultrafit Welded 500
For applications demanding both high loading and efficiency, the Ultrafit Welded 500 filter bag has the unique ability to effectively filter liquids where particles vary in both size and distribution. The Ultrafit Welded 500 series achieves efficiency levels of at least 99%. Available in Micron Ratings from 0.5 – 50.

Ultrafit Welded 800
The Ultrafit Welded 800 liquid filter bag is ideal for high purity and critical liquid process applications requiring sub-micronic filtration. These absolute rated filter bags achieve 99.98% efficiency (beta 5000). Integrated Polymeric Support is a standard feature of the 800 series filter bag. Available in the following Micron Ratings: 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, and 0.8.

IP Series- Integrated Polymeric SupportTM
IP is a structural layer of  polypropylene monofilament ultrasonically laminated to the internal composite of  the Ultrafit Welded Liquid Filter Bag. Integrated Polymeric Support allows the filter bag to sustain significant differential pressure before change-out is required, without increasing initial pressure drop. Longer run times allow enhanced solids loading. Integrated Polymeric Support is a standard feature of the Ultrafit Welded 100, 500 & 800 Series filter bags.


Materials of Construction (100% FDA Compliant):
Filter Media: Polypropylene Microfiber
IP-Integrated Polymeric Support: Polypropylene Monofilament
Support Jacket: Polypropylene, Non-Woven Spunbond
Zero-Bypass Collar: Polypropylene, 7.125” O.D.

Maximum Operating Temperature: 180°F

Filter Bag Dimensions:
P2 Size - 7” Diameter x 33” Long, Nominal (100 & 500 Series)
P1 Size - 7” Diameter x 16” Long, Nominal (100 & 500 Series)
P4 Size - 4” Diameter x 14” Long, Nominal (100 Series)
P5 Size - 4” Diameter x 24” Long, Nominal (100 Series)

Maximum Recommended Flow Rate:
See Product Brochure
Recommended Change-Out: See Product Brochure

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