Sedtek Cartridge Filters


For liquid filtration applications, demanding large dirt-holding capacity, SEDTEK Cartridges provide 99.98% efficiency at ratings as low as 1 micron. Our pleat and channel design, large diameter cartridges have greater surface area for higher loading and longer life. SEDTEK Cartridges are used with a “Cartridge Chamber”, a removable, positive sealing basket that converts our bag filter housings into cartridge housings, without modification of existing process piping or change of liquid flow path.

SEDTEK Cartridges are 6-inch diameter by 24” or 30” long, and are configured for outside to inside flow. They are available in Polypropylene or Cellulose. The reliable, double O-Ring seal assures proper seating of the cartridge in the chamber and eliminates bypass. A built-in handle facilitates cartridge removal.

After the cartridge is fully loaded, any unfiltered debris will accumulate within the Cartridge Chamber, not the housing, eliminating the need to clean the housing during change-out. When the cartridge is spent, the chamber and cartridge are removed from the vessel, minimizing spills and exposure. Each Cartridge Chamber holds one SEDTEK Cartridge and is reusable.

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