Replacement Hardware

Replacement Hardware
Replacement Hardware
Replacement Hardware
Replacement hardware is available in stainless or carbon steel for Filtration Systems ASME Code and Industrial Grade vessels. Filtration Systems Over-The-Top® vessels utilize four swing-bolt assemblies to secure the lid. A hardware assembly consists of four component parts: bar knob, eyebolt, axle bolt, and axle nut.
Bar Knob Wrench Bar Knob Wrench
Although no special tools are required to seal our housings, a Bar Knob Wrench is an ideal accessory. This convenient device allows operators to quickly torque or loosen the lid closure nuts (bar knobs) of a filter vessel. This ratchet wrench is fabricated of plated carbon steel and may be used on all Filtration Systems housings.
Vent Valves & Drain Valves Auxiliary Valves
All Filtration Systems housings feature a vent port in the lid and a drain port at the base of the filter for installation of auxiliary valves. Vent valves may be installed at the top of the lid to remove air pockets from process fluid lines and promote faster gravity drainage, when used in conjunction with the inlet and outlet drain valves.

The outlet drain valve allows the collection of filtered liquid after the vessel is taken off-line. During operation, this valve may also be used for sampling filtered liquid. An optional upstream drain port and valve may be installed on our housings, allowing sampling of pre-filtered liquid. Ball valves are available in stainless steel or brass, and are supplied with stainless steel nipples. Filtration Systems housings are equipped with the following threaded ports:
Vent Port: ¼” NPT (all housings)
Drain Port: ¾” NPT (#1 & 2 size) ½” NPT (#4 & 5 size)
Pressure Gauges

All Filtration Systems housings feature two gauge ports (¼” NPT) to allow users to monitor both the upstream and downstream pressure. The variance between the two readings is called the differential pressure, and is used to determine when a filter bag is "blinding”, requiring change-out. Glycerin filled gauges have a 2½” dial, ¼” NPT connections, and are back-center mounted. They are available in three ranges: 0-100psi, 0-160psi, and 0-300psi. All gauges have a stainless steel case and can be ordered with either brass or stainless internals.
O-Rings O-Rings
Two O-Rings are required in the lid of each Filtration Systems housing for proper sealing. All housings are shipped with Buna O-Rings installed. Alternate O-Ring materials include EPR/EPDM, Neoprene, Silicone, Teflon®, Viton®, AFLAS®, Encapsulated Teflon/Silicone, and Encapsulated Teflon/Viton. Replacement O-Rings are sold in sets of two. Please consult the factory for information regarding chemical and thermal compatibility.
TEFLON is a Registered Trademark of the DuPont Company
VITON is a Registered Trademark of DuPont Dow Elastomers
AFLAS is a Registered Trademark of Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.
Adjustable Tripod stands Adjustable Tripod Stands and Wall Brackets
Available in stainless and carbon steel for size #1, 2, 4, and 5 filter vessels, these stands allow the user to raise and lower the filter vessel, as required. A Wall Bracket is available for mounting #4 & 5 size housings to a wall.

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