Two Piece Thermal Jackets

Two-Piece Thermal Jackets Two-Piece Thermal Jackets
Thermal Jackets are used to maintain a desired liquid temperature during the filtration process. Jackets can accept steam, hot oil, water, heat transfer fluids, or refrigerants. The dimpled pattern design of our jacket provides highly efficient thermal transfer.

This product is easily installed in the field by bolting both halves together, creating a tight fit on the outside of the filter vessel. Jackets are stackable and may be used in sets or singularly. Half-jackets can accommodate many vessel configurations to provide maximum coverage. Thermal Jackets have ¾” NPT connections and bear an ASME “U” Stamp. Available for size #1 and 2 housings, they are fabricated of stainless steel and rated for 150psi at 450°F. Thermal Jackets can retrofit most competitors’ 8” diameter housings.
HALAR ® Coated Accessories HALAR ® Coated Accessories
HALAR fluoropolymer is a thermoplastic manufactured by Solvay Solexis, Inc. It is electrostatically applied, then baked in multiple coats, to all wetted surfaces of Filtration Systems single filter vessels, as well as most baskets, perforated strainers, and accessories. Because of its composition, HALAR fluoropolymer coating…
1) Offers a broad range of chemical resistance qualities which are useful when filtering liquids that are incompatible with stainless or carbon steel.
2) Assures a seamless filtering environment, ideal for high-purity applications.
3) Resists peeling and is extremely durable.

Filtration Systems is recognized as a qualified HALAR applicator. Please ask us to fax Ausimont's Halar Chemical Resistance Guide for your application.
HALAR is a registered Trademark of Solvay Solexis, Inc.
Filter Bag Restrainer Filter Bag Restrainer
Users are assured that a filter bag is properly seated and fully extended by first placing the Filter Bag Restrainer into the bag, and then installing the bag (with restrainer) into the basket. To keep the bag extended and maximize its usable surface area, the restrainer remains in the bag during the filtering process. This accessory can prevent the bag from “floating” as a result of back pressure, and may reduce media erosion due to pump vibration. A diffuser plate helps protect the bag from surges of liquid or pressure spikes. This product has a convenient handle and is fabricated of T-316 stainless steel.
Filter Bag Insert Filter Bag Insert
This accessory is designed to easily install filter bags, eliminating the need for technicians to reach into the bag during installation. The maximum surface area of the filter bag is used when the bag is properly seated and fully extended with this device. The Filter Bag Insert is fabricated of T-316 stainless steel and has a comfort handle.
Displacement Float Liquid Displacer
Placed into a filter bag prior to start-up, this accessory remains in the bag during the filtration process. When removed, liquid volume remaining in the bag is reduced, minimizing product loss and facilitating filter bag change-out. Liquid Displacers are available in stainless steel for size #1 and 2 housings, and are equipped with a lift-out handle.
Cartridge Chambers
Cartridge Chambers
Cartridge Chambers
These removable, positive sealing chambers hold four standard cartridge filters in a “Cluster of Four” arrangement. They are available in three sizes to hold standard 10”, 20”, and 30” length cartridge filters. Insertion of the chamber into any of our filter bag housings converts the vessel into a cartridge housing, without modification of piping or change of liquid flow path. Our chambers can accommodate many types of cartridges, with a variety of sealing arrangements, including oversized, specialty cartridges or those having double O-Ring seals or flat gaskets.

Since the contaminant is trapped within the chamber, Filtration Systems housings do not have to be cleaned or flushed after each use. When the cartridges are spent, the chamber (with cartridges) is removed from the vessel, minimizing spills and exposure to unfiltered liquid. Spare chambers can be preloaded so that new cartridges can replace spent ones quickly, reducing downtime. The Cartridge Chamber is fabricated of T-316 stainless steel, and includes standard sealing hardware (shown above) and a Buna gasket. Chambers are available for #1, 2, 4, and 5 size housings. Longer housings and chambers are also available to hold cartridges up to 40” long.
Pipe-End Filter System
Pipe-End Filter System
Pipe-End Filter System
This system is ideally suited for various types of liquid straining and filtering applications typically found in industry. Examples of its versatility include:
1. Permanent installation to a pipe-end for bulk loading or high-volume tank filling.
2. Connection to an industrial hose for filtering liquid deliveries to a production/distribution facility. The filter bag may be removed and easily inspected to evaluate the purity of a delivery.

The Pipe-End Filter System provides effective, low-cost filtration without the nuisance and hazard of spillage. A shut-off valve isolates the filter during bag change-out, minimizing waste and employee exposure. Handles provide easy removal of the basket and filter bag. The quick-opening, cam & groove mechanism is easier to use than clamp-style, unsupported devices.

Constructed of T-316 stainless steel, the system includes a Filtration Systems Ball Valve and a Perforated Support Basket for #5 size filter bags (4” dia. x 24” long). Perforated Strainers, Micron-Lined Baskets, Cartridge Chambers, and Canister Baskets for activated carbon can also be used with the Pipe End Filter System. The standard connection is 1¼” NPT and may be modified to fit larger diameter pipes or hoses (up to 3”). It is suitable for flow rates up to 50gpm. Pipe-End Filter Systems are also available without shut-off a valve.
Sight Glass Assemblies Sight Glass Assemblies: The installation of a Sight Glass Assembly allows visual examination of liquid flow through two perpendicular viewing windows. While illuminating the liquid with a hand-held light beam through one window, the user can easily see the liquid flow through the other. Sight Glass Assemblies are typically installed at the Inlet or Outlet connections to allow viewing of the liquid before or after filtration. Available for single vessels and multi-housing systems, this accessory is flanged, T-316 stainless steel, and designed to fit 2 to 6-inch pipe sizes.

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