Filtration Systems Support Baskets, Strainers and Accessory Baskets
 Filtration Systems Support Baskets, Strainers and Accessory Baskets

Perforated Support Baskets Perforated Support Baskets 
Stainless steel perforated baskets accommodate filter bag sizes #1, 2, 4, and 5 filter bags. The solid hemispherical shaped bottom fully supports our filter bags and promotes "Lateral Fluid Dispersion", resulting in increased solids loading capacity, and greater differential pressure capability of the filter bag. Staggered pattern, perforated holes (9/64” diameter) maximize the usable surface area of any filter bag and provide greater basket strength than straight-line pattern perforations. Filtration Systems support baskets have a longitudinal taper to assist with filter bag removal. Available in T-316 or T-304 Stainless Steel. Support baskets are required when using liquid filter bags.
Mesh & Micron Lined Baskets Mesh and Micron Lined Baskets
These reusable baskets provide liquid straining and filtering at various levels of mesh and micron requirement. Fully welded construction assures that no particle bypass occurs around the welded seam of the mesh or micron lining. The lining is supported by the perforated outer wall of the basket, making it extremely durable. Ideally suited for high temperature applications and/or aggressive service, baskets are constructed of T-316 stainless steel and include a Buna gasket.
Mesh: 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 100, 150, 200 Industrial Service
Micron: 40, 90, 160, 250 Industrial Service
5, 10, 15, 25 Light-Duty, Specialty Use
Perforates Strainer Baskets

Perforated Strainer Baskets
Heavy-duty perforated baskets convert size #1, 2, 4, and 5 filter vessels into high-capacity liquid strainers. When our filter housings are used with strainer baskets they allow heavy dirt loading at high flow rates. Perforated strainers are reusable, and may be pressure cleaned, if required.

To maximize the usable surface area of the strainer basket, holes are punched in a staggered pattern. Constructed of T-304 stainless steel, strainers have a lift-out handle and a solid, flat bottom. For finer filtering applications, Mesh and Micron Lined Baskets are available. Strainer Baskets are available with the following perforations:

1/2" 3/8" 1/4" 3/16" 9/64" 3/32" 1/16" 3/64"
(.500) (.375) (.250) (.1875) (.1407) (.0938) (.0625) (.0469)
Mesh Support Baskets

Mesh Support Baskets
Type 316 stainless steel (8x8 mesh) basket accommodates filter bag sizes #1 and 2. These baskets have a tapered, cone-shaped bottom.
Canister Baskets Canister Baskets
This accessory basket is used with a filter bag in a Filtration Systems housing to hold granular materials, such as activated carbon, diatomaceous earth, or resins. The addition of granular materials during the filtration process can alter the composition of liquids passing through the charged canister. For example, liquid polishing to remove odor, taste, and color can be accomplished using granular, activated carbon. To maximize the life of the granular material and prevent channeling, Canister Baskets include a liquid diffuser to promote a spray effect. This T-316 stainless steel basket has a solid wall and a perforated bottom.
Basket Prefilter & Backwash Insert Basket Prefilter (A)
This reusable strainer can be placed inside a filter bag as a prefilter to capture larger particles upstream of the bag, providing dual-stage filtration within a single housing. The prefilter basket can be removed from the housing, independent of the bag, and emptied, to provide extended filter bag life. Constructed of perforated T-316 stainless steel, the prefilter has a 90, 160, or 250 micron-rated liner.

Backwash Insert (B)
This basket fits into the filter bag, allowing backwash operations. The Backwash Insert prevents the filter bag from collapsing when the flow is reversed. It is constructed of 9/64” perforated T-316 stainless steel.

American Felt & Filter/GAF Baskets

American Felt & Filter, GAF/ISP Support Baskets and Specialty Baskets
Perforated or Mesh Support Baskets and Specialty Baskets for AM/RB Series #1 and 2 size filter vessels are constructed of T-316 stainless steel. Specialty Baskets include Strainers, Mesh and Micron Lined Baskets, Canister Baskets, and Cartridge Chambers. These baskets require two O-Rings that fit into machined grooves on the top and the bottom of the basket flange.

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